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Mozilla Firefox is probably a good choice for an introduction to RSS feeds. It supports both blogs and podcasts, incorporates this into a familiar web browser environment, works on many Operating Systems, and may be the best web browser available besides.

To start, if Firefox is not installed yet download Firefox, save it somewhere that you can find it, and install it. If you are using Windows just double-click on the file to install it. It will ask you some questions and then be up and running. I would suggest that you do make it your default browser and add links to start it. Then be ready for "tabbed panes" instead of new windows for every page. it might seem strange at first but you will soon find it very nice. At this point you have support for live bookmarks and you could begin using the system but I think it is handier to install the Wizz RSS reader. With Live Bookmarks look for a little orange icon to appear in the URL window when you are at a web page. If it appears (as it will for this page), click on it.

Now start Firefox and select Tools->Extensions and when the dialog box opens select Get more extensions. This will take you to a webpage of the available extensions. Look under Blog to find Wizz RSS and click install. It will download a small bit of code and install itself. Close Firefox, open Firefox and you are off and running. At some point it will ask you if you want to import the "Public List". Tell it to do this.

Firefox now has a Wizz RSS toolbar. The two icons on the left will open Wizz RSS in a sidebar or as a seperate window. Open it and you will find two folders, Wizz computers and Public lists. Open Public lists and you will see many folders from news organizations around the world as well as some special interest feeds. Open one of these folders and you will see seperate entries. Each entry is a feed or channel, probably a news feed or blog. Click on one of these and after a brief pause (how brief depends on your network connection) you will see a list of articles in the window below. Click on one of these to read the article. It will open in your web browser. If you double-click above it will open your web browser to a page that includes many of the articles listed in the middle window. If you place the mouse over one of the articles in the middle window it will show you a description in the bottom window.

You are now reading blogs. To get Wizz RSS to update a channel you like regularly, right click and add it to your watch list. This will open a dialog that allows you to set how frequently it will be checked for new content.

If you right click on any of these entries you will get a menu that allows you to do something like delete it, mark it as read, or many others. This is how you add a channel to get to the music.

In the top window of Wizz RSS a right click will allow you to add a channel or category. A category is a folder and a channel is a feed. So you can right click on the background of this window and add a category called "My Feeds" or whatever you like. Then right click on "My Feeds" and add a channel. The channel for the Bonanzaville Jam podcast is . Type or cut and paste this in where it says "Channel URL" Type in any name you want, and click add channel. Then click or double click on the channel you just added. You will soon see a list of mp3's in the middle window. Click on one of these and you will get a menu. Select "Enclosure Link" and Firefox will play the mp3 with whatever mp3 player you have set up.

Now you could repeat that for each NDOTFA and Bonanzaville Jam feed, or you can get all of them in one folder by importing OPML. This way you type in one URL and you have all these feeds in a folder. In the Wizz RSS Toolbar select Options,etc.-> OPML Import->Import from URL. Then type in and click Okay. You will now see "NDOTFA and Bonanzaville Jam Feeds" in the top window.

Enjoy the music and for a good time come to Bonanzaville's Dawson Hall any Saturday between 1 and 5 PM and bring your instrument.

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